Word Work Expectations:

Students will typically receive word lists on Mondays.
Students will be tested after a week or two depending on our schedule.
Students are expected to spell and define the first ten words when tested.
Students are expected to spell words 11-15 correctly when tested.

Throughout practice time, students are expected to complete one activity per day from the following list using words 1-10 (the WORD WORK words):

  1. Synonym Match
  2. Define It!
  3. Super Sentences
  4. Bubble Words
  5. Picture Dictionary
  6. Vocabulary Story
  7. Link It!
  8. Antonym Match
  9. Vocabulary Sort
  10. Study It!
  11. Five Clues
  12. Present it!
  13. Word Breakdown
  14. Word Parts
  15. Same & Different

All students have received a packet which includes directions for each of these activities.

Word Work Lists: